What is Homeopathy!

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that is highly individualised and can help people more toward optimal health. It is a unique form of medicine that comes from different roots than conventional medicine. Homeopathy was developed as a response to the so called ‘heroic’ healing methods of 18th century Europe, which included the use of toxic substances like arsenic and Mercury in large doses, as well as purging, vomiting etc. Homeopathic medicine is a safe, effective and natural treatment and this approach may be entirely new to you and your family.

Prescribing homeopathy medicine is a science and an art as well.The success and long lasting results are only possible under the care of a Qualified Homeopathic Physician. Prescribing homeopathic medicines is a complex process, but highly effective. There is unique treatment for every individual.

The fundamental difference between conventional medicine and Homeopathy is that conventional medicine places a large number of patients into smaller number of diagnostic categories. However, there is a vast difference between the behaviours, personalities and characteristics of the many individuals that fall under the one diagnostic umbrella.

Homeopathic Physician frequently observes that ‘the predisposition or susceptibility’ to acquire or get any particular disease or disorder depends on the constitution of the individual from birth and may even be affected by the state of parents prior to conception and during pregnancy. Homeopathic physicians recognise these common traits to get or acquire any particular disease or disorder among parents and children and hypothesise that there is assume mechanism that we do not understand yet for these impressions or threads to be passed among generations.

Most important to the Homeopathic doctors are the unique tendencies or predispositions of the individual patient, regardless of what specifically may trigger the susceptibility.
This phenomenon of susceptibility varies from individual to individual and cannot be stereotyped . But the individual can be carefully listened and observed to and deeply understood. And from this understanding, a Homeopathic medicine can be matched to the individual, which will shift the susceptibility and bring the patient into balance.

The Homeopathic Physician seeks to deeply understand the ‘State’ of each individual.
Each individual has a’State’. That state is the ‘Mental-Emotional-Physical stance’ that the person has adopted. The state of a person may have been adopted during a time of past danger or fear or an incidence.In addition to each person having a unique’state’, each Homeopathic medicine also practically corresponds to a ‘State’.
There are Homeopathic medicines for people who feel pursued, and for those whose ‘state’is total lack of confidence.

For every imaginable’State’, there corresponds one Homeopathic medicine that best matches ‘state’.Once the specific medicine is prescribed, an oft-profound shift can occur. It is even possible to shift a ‘state’that has been in place for decades.
It is important to remember here that every single person has one state or another.

Homeopathy is the only branch of medicine, where medicine or drug trials are first taken only on healthy HUMAN BEINGS – both sexes & all ages. Because only human beings can express their emotions, their suffering & their subjective symptoms too!
It means that – individual can exactly describe his or her physical or mental suffering, the type of sensation under the broad category of pain like – squeezing, bursting, hammering, stitching, shooting, burning etc. & at the same time, he can describe what he FEELS like – whether he feels gloomy, cannot concentrate in his or her daily chores, feels annoyed & so on.

Every Homeopathic medicine, being PROVED ( TRIALS CARRIED ON HUMAN BEINGS) – is rich in that peculiar SENSATIONS, FEELINGS, EMOTIONS – in one particular manner.That’s why, we Homeopathic doctors say that, Homeopathy is a PATIENT SPECIFIC treatment.

Being Homeopathic physicians, our job is to just select & prescribe the best possible remedy – which covers not only patient’s symptoms, but covers their peculiar sensations, feelings & emotions, present at that time.Once, this is done accurately, no matter what, the illness is, it gets addressed & patient is free of his or her illness from WITHIN.

Superficially, it may look the process very simple, but in actuality, the process is complex & requires the sound knowledge, experience & expertise in all branches of basic medical sciences like – Human Anatomy, Physiology, Medical Biochemistry, Medicine, Gynaecology& Obstetrics, Pathology, Surgery etc. along with all Homeopathic subjects, plus the Homeopathic Physician should have good observing power & ability to understand the Patient as a Human being, to it’s core.

That’s why, Homeopathic doctors like Us, do give at-least 1&1/2 hours of initial Case Taking for one chronic case like – Asthma, Allergies, Hypertension, Thyroid disorders, Psoriasis, Diabetes, Renal calculi or stones, to name a few.