Mrs. N, age – 39, consulted for a rash all over the body since 2 weeks, dark-oval patches, Dry, burning, now reddish & coalescing with each other – covering whole of trunk, thighs, neck & arms & little on face too. Generalized peeling off of the skin, cracks at the corners of all the folds. Also, few moist patches at folds. She also complained of chilliness usually around 6 am & if she goes in balcony or if she drinks cold water. Little dry cough is also there.

She received – Mezereum 200, in in-frequent doses to be repeated only when needed.

Follow-up after 4 days – her trunk rash is reduced by more than 50%, face & neck reduced almost 90%, but the rash on extremities was increased.

Follow-up after 1 wk – all rashes reduced considerably, almost no complaints at all.

Follow-up after 2 wks – No rash visible at all anywhere on the body & no itching at all. Feeling very much better.