Case of Hypothyroidism

Mrs. B, 36 years of age, consulted in mid 2011, for her severe constipation – was not able to pass stool for 4 days in a week, but without any discomfort! She also complained of feeling too much cold – chilly. Used to faint with nausea when saw a needle with drops of blood at pathology laboratory. Weight gain.

Her investigations reports showed – T3 – 68.5 (Normal range – 60-181); T4 – 0.8 (Normal range – 4.5-12) & TSH – > 150 (Normal range – 0.35-5.50).

During interview, she reported Feels “Stuck”. Tension at home & in office. As if walls of tension from all sides, no hole in that at all. Feeling “Caught” in life, no consolation or ray of hope or relief from anywhere. Suddenly I feel everything is “too tight”.

I get dreams – as if stabbed by a HUGE long sword or knife. Intense phobia of needles, injections – I almost faint. She is claustrophobic – if bus gets crowded, I just get down from the bus, feels suffocated & imagines that bus will topple on her.

While describing her fear of needles in pathology laboratory, she showed with gestures – “IT WAS SO BIG”, & she almost pointing to her full arm.

She received a medicine named Cannabis Indica 1M & repeated as needed with repetition & in increasing potency or strength of the medicine as required.

After 1 year’s treatment – her investigations – T3 – 149.6 (N – 60-181), T4 – 7.3 (N – 4.5-12.6) & TSH – 13.03 (N – 0.35-5.50).

After 3 years – ultra TSH – 8.08(N – 0.3-6.02) & after 4 years her TSH, was – 4.17 (N – 0.35-5.50)