Case of Dental Cyst

A male patient, age 47, himself a doctor, went to a dentist for his routine checkup though he had no
complaints at all except little purulent discharge occasionally from his gums & according to dentist he
couldn’t find anything on examination so dentist did his OPG or OrthoPantomoGram (a kind of dental
x-ray) and it was revealed a huge cyst in the lower portion of his mandible on the left side. Then he
was referred to an orthodontist and the biopsy was done and it revealed that he has – Infected
keratocystic tumor.

(First two x – rays – Image No.1 & 2 are before starting of Homoeopathy treatment)
According to orthodontists, there is currently no effective treatment for it & surgical excision to
remove the whole cyst lining is the only choice & still, according to them, is difficult to cure. (source –
So, this orthodontist only made a small opening in the cyst area and irrigated the lesion and advised
the patient to do so on regular basis.
At this time, this patient came to me.
After going through his case history and by going through his x-rays, I started Homoeopathic medicines
a year back & the results are astonishing.
Within few days of his Homoeopathy treatment, his pus discharge completely stopped & gradually,
his cyst size reduced & the new normal bone formation was clearly visible in his repeated x-rays.

After almost a year with Homoeopathy treatment, it clearly shows very much improvement – the cyst
reduced very much in it’s extent and the normal bone formation is clearly visible.
The first two x-rays are before the treatment and the third one is after 1 year’s of Homoeopathy