Bronchial asthma & allergic rhinitis of 8 years

Mrs.S, age 29, consulted on 16/12/2001for severe asthmatic attacks with coryza & sneezing which was always worse indoors & rainy weather & was relieved a little when she remained in open air.

In the interview, she mentioned about her nagging mother – always forcing her views on patient so much so that patient was unable to bear her continuous nagging & forcing, BUT at the same time she couldn’t stay without her mother.

Mother never appreciated her or showed any affection towards the patient.

The first attack of asthma was triggered by mother’s continuous lecturing about patient’s love affair…

Gradually patient got a feeling that – I have to fear my mother as she is dominating & can insult me in front of anybody & she tortures me, BUT at the same time, I need my mother!!

Patient also had fear of injections, needles & lizards.

Calcarea Mur 1M was prescribed in in-frequent doses.

After this medicine, her frequency of asthmatic attacks was reduced by 50% in first 3 moths & now in 2015, in these 14 years, there was not a single asthmatic attack.