Case of Asthma

A young girl, aged around 17 years was referred to me by an allopathic physician for her asthmatic complaints. Her response to allopathic medicines was temporary.

In her interview, when I asked her what triggers her asthma & how it did start – she told – “we are from poor family. We live in 2 rooms – in one room, me & my parents stay & in the adjoining room, my uncle stays. My uncle is an aged man & he is also old asthmatic & bronchitis patient.

I got my 1st attack – when at one night, I got up from a sound of my uncle’s coughing in the next room – his cough sound was so strong that we all got up from sleep. He was continually coughing & trying to spit out & at THAT MOMENT, I got a strong feeling – as if I will also get the similar kind of coughing & IN ACTUALITY, I started getting bouts of cough & started to feel difficulty in breathing. In a moment, my breathing difficulty was so strong that I started to feel as if my chest is compressed & there was no room in my chest to take a breath! I started struggling to take breath & wheezing sounds started from my chest with my every struggle to breath. Eventually, I was taken to hospital & they diagnosed it as asthma & started the treatment.

Since then, I started to get asthmatic attacks off & on & most of the times – these attacks were triggered if I see or hear someone loudly coughing & spitting.

She received the medicine – Phosphorus 1M to be repeated if required. With 1 week’s treatment – she described feeling much better.

In next 6 months, she got hardly 3 or 4 asthmatic attacks but in least intensity & there was no need to take allopathic medicines at all & they subsided after repetition of the Homeopathic medicine.

After 1 year, she didn’t get any further attack of asthma.