A case of Hidradenitis suppurativa

A 4th year dental student came to me on the suggestion of trying Homeopathic treatment, from his dermatologist.

He used to get recurrent abscesses with pus oozing from his both axillae & groin region & these complaints were there since almost 2-3 months – these were attended with intense pain at times & little fever during the pus formation stage, it used to temporarily subside with heavy antibiotics course from his dermatologist & once the effect of antibiotics was over, the complaints recurred. Patient also had big pimples on his face especially in beard area.

According to his dermaotologist, there is no permanent cure for this.

From his interview, few things I came to knew about him & those were – because of these pimples, he was reluctant to mix with his friends, to mingle in society, but even as a child, he was of little shy nature. He was a very studious and hardly mixed or went for outing with his college friends, on asking about this – he said that – I have certain image of myself in my mind & I want to become a good dentist & most important of above all – we are from a reputed family & I don’t want to spoil my image in the society – society should never point fingers at me saying – this is a spoiled man. I definitely will not like this & not my family also. He used to get recurrent dreams about snakes in his childhood.

During the interview, he told me that – in his 1st year of dental college, he had TB & had taken treatment for that for almost a year.

I began with the medicine – Silicea 1M & I had to change the strength of medicine in 10M, 50M. Then I prescribed him, 1 dose of Tuberculinum 1M & again Silicea in LM scale ranging from Silicea LM 3 to Silicea LM 6 – this medicine I asked him to take in water & asked him to repeat as many times as possible.

After 6 months of homeopathic treatment – he never complained of any boils or abscesses, no pimples & pus formation in axillae & groin region at all.

He is still in contact with me & even after 2 years of stopping his Homeopathic treatment – he had no complaints at all.

During the course of whole treatment, I asked him to stop using Deo spray & other perfumes as this was triggered with deo spray, in his case.