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​About Gentle Cure

Say Goodbye to All Your Health Problems with Gentle Cure's Homeopathy Treatments

Suffering from any physical or mental illness? Welcome to Gentle Cure! We are your friends in disguise of doctors ready to treat your problem with the scientific art of Homeopathy. Established in 1991, we have cured numerous people back to health and happiness. Our approach to your health problem is empathetic yet rational. We interview you and spend time understanding your problems, your behavioural pattern, your likes and dislikes, your feelings, dreams and sensations before diagnosing you and prescribing you medicine.

Homeopathy medicines are highly individualistic in nature. The right medicine and a suitable dose differs from person to person. Careful observation, understanding and monitoring the progress of a patient is our strength and gives us an insight to match the right medicine for you which will shift the susceptibility in you and bring you back into balance.

Homeopathy medicines are natural, easy to consume and do not have any side effects on patients of any age groups. Their effect is long-lasting and they often cure your illness completely or reduce it to a negligible amount. Visit any of our two homeopathy clinics, one in Wanowrie and one in Hadapsar, Pune and our doctors will strive to provide you with a complete and the best homeopathic treatment for any of your problems right from fever, kidney stones, thyroid disorders, to illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, psoriasis and cysts to name a few.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathic prescribing is a science and an art as well.

Prescribing Homeopathic medicines is a complex process, but highly effective. The difference between other medical sciences and Homeopathy is that other medical sciences gives more importance to diagnosis of the illness but, there is a huge difference between each person or patient apart from their diagnosis.

Homeopathy is THE only branch of medicine, where medicine or drug trials are taken ONLY on HUMAN BEINGS - both sexes & all ages. Why - because only Human beings can express their emotions, their suffering & their subjective symptoms too!

Homeopathic Physician frequently observes that 'the tendency to get any illness or disorder depends on the constitution of the patient from birth and may even be affected by the "state" of parents prior to conception and during pregnancy.

Homeopathic physicians pick up those traits to get any particular disease in a patient.

This differs from patient to patient, as every person & every patient is different from another one, even having same or similar illness.

During case taking or case receiving rather, every patient is carefully listened and observed to understand him or her thoroughly. We observe - how he or she sits, behaves in clinic, his or her gestures, mannerism & even we may ask the co-attendants of the patient so that we can deeply understand the patient.

And from this understanding, a Homeopathic medicine is matched to THE PATIENT, not for his or her illness, which brings the patient to get cured.

The Homeopathic physician seeks to deeply understand the 'State' of each individual. Each individual has a'State'. The state of a person may have been adopted during a time of past danger or fear or an incidence.

In addition to each person having a unique'state', every Homeopathic medicine also practically has a 'State' - as Homeopathic Medicines are already tested or tried on humans & not on animals like other medical sciences.

For every imaginable'State', there is one Homeopathic medicine that best matches 'state'. That's why, we do give at-least 1&1/2 hours of initial Case Taking for one chronic case like - Asthma, Allergies, Hypertension, Thyroid disorders, Psoriasis, Diabetes, to name a few.

Why Homeopathy?

  • ​Homeopathy is natural and has no side effects
  • Homeopathy treatments are individualistic in nature i.e. a treatment is customised to suit your situation and personality & to your physical & mental makeup
  • Homeopathy is highly effective for all minor or major illness and health problems
  • Homeopathy works for all age groups
  • Homeopathy treatments have a long-lasting effect on the patient curbing the cause of the health problem and the illness forever
  • Homeopathy medicines are easy to consume
  • ​ Homeopathy is cost-effective


Homeopathy Treatments is a solution for all possible health problems. Illnesses like fever, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. that need immediate attention as well as chronic problems like sinus, migraine, arthritis, chronic bronchitis, asthma, PCOD, cysts, adenoid growths, fibroids and thyroid problems, etc. that have been persistently giving trouble to patients can be effectively cured with homeopathy.

Homeopathic Approach in Acute Illnesses

In acute cases, we understand the patient's chief complaint and further ask them questions about a few exact points that help us diagnose and choose an effective medicine. For example, it is of utmost importance to us to understand the exact place on the patient's body where sensations and modalities like burning, stinging or pulling can be experienced. We also note modalities that ease or aggravate the condition. Along with this history, understanding concomitant symptoms i.e. the other symptoms or trouble experienced by the patient which may not be related to the chief complaint is of utmost importance. This approach is used to treat health problems that have been developed for a short term such as viral infections, etc. and need immediate action.

Homeopathic Approach in Chronic Illnesses

In chronic cases, parent's problems and suffering are deep seated. They have often evolved and grown stubborn over time and affect a patient's emotional state of mind and behaviour. The kind of problems that need such treatment and attention usually evoke irritation, agitation, frustration, feelings of denial or helplessness in the patient. Understanding such integral details of behaviour and gaining progressive information in any changes in the temperament or nature of the patient since the beginning of the illness helps us to chart out an effective treatment for the same. In chronic cases, deciphering the mannerism and behaviour of the patient is of utmost importance followed by diagnosis for acute illnesses.

In case of small babies and children, a mother is expected to give a detailed behavioural history of the child along with the details of the mother's state during pregnancy. This gives us the clues to treat the child accurately.

The above two approaches are the first step at Gentle Cure to give you a treatment that puts a full stop to your health problems. The second step is After this, detailed physical examination followed by undergoing any pathology tests, scans or other investigations of the patient if required. A regular follow-up hence forth is advisable to get rid of your problem to the maximum extent.

Come, visit us at Gentle Cure and treat yourself to health and happiness.

Patient Testimonials & Reviews

When I shifted to India 8 years back, I got sinusitis for the first time in my life. I met a physician who prescribed antibiotics. I recovered within a few days, however after some time the condition returned.

I then started searching for alternative modes of treatment.

My husband's colleague recommended to see a homeopathy doctor, Sangeeta Vhora.

After meeting her for the first time I was left with a very positive impression, this remained true during all the visits that followed. In time she became our family doctor. My sinusitis was cured within a weeks time under her supervision and hasn't recurred since. A few years down the line I suffered from a big (7 cm) cyst in the ovary.

A gynecologist advised to go for surgery, however Dr. Sangeeta Vhora insisted upon undergoing homeopathic treatment. Following her advice I went through with the medication. After 2-3 months the cyst was no more.

One time I had an ear infection. Due to immense pain I went for consultation to a nearby hospital where I was prescribed with antibiotics. Once I started taking the medicine, the ear pain receded, however there were various side effects as my body struggled to cope with the medication. I couldn't eat anything and in turn became very weak. As a direct result of this I lost more than 5 kg in the span of a few days. I was on complete bed rest. Then I met with doctor Sangeeta and took homeopathic medicine for a week. She consulted me over phone a few times as well. In 2-3 days I felt much better.

Her prescribed medicine works very well for colds, viruses and fever.

My daughter had chicken-pox a couple of months back and it was cured with only homeopathic medicine. It just took 2-3 days to control the fever and itching. Now for any health issues I go to consult with her.

I would recommend Dr. Sangeeta Vhora to everyone.
Edita, 42 year old.


Maternity & Baby photographer
I used to suffer from the problem of knee joint pain since last 28 yrs. I had tried many medicines, but it gave temporary relief. And the pain used to aggravate in rainy & winter season. But after taking treatment for few weeks from Dr.Ranjit Vhora, now I can say that there is no pain at all.

I also had a problem of severe pain of sciatica since after pregnancy. And I had no other medicine than the pain killers. I had to take it frequently. But now after the treatment, from Dr. Ranjit Vhora, I have really forgotten that I had any such pain.

Initially I used to believe that homeopathy is a slow process of curing. But in Feb. 2015, I suffered from allergy of hair color. I had severe fever, cough, headache, I had to sit upright whole night & just go on coughing till the sunrise, then it would reduce on its own & again increase at night.

Everyone thought that it I was suffering from swine flu, but with homeopathic treatment from Dr. Ranjit Vhora, I was surprised, that my condition started improving with the first dose-after proper & correct history of my problems at that time & after noticing the onset of problem.

I am really happy, that without any antibiotics & painkillers I was cured from such dreadful condition.

I used to have the problem of white discharge for past many years. But that has also been cured by the Homoeopathic treatment of few weeks from Dr.Vhora.

Now I & my family never think of taking any pain killers & antibiotics - thanks to Homeopathy & Dr. Ranjit Vhora.

I am suffering from PCOD & because of it my weight is going on increasing gradually. I used to get monthly cycles after 3 - 4 months, & then it would continue for 30-45 days. But now i am taking the treatment for it & I am having great relief. I am sure that this problem will also be cured by Dr. Ranjit Vhora.

I really want to THANK Dr. Ranjit Vhora from the bottom of my heart, because of him I am able to enjoy my life with my family....

I feel THANK YOU is such an inadequate word to express my feelings & gratitude towards him.........
Supriya Kothadia, 41

Supriya Kothadia, 41

Administrator, Jyotichand Bhaichand Saraf, Hadapsar.
I, Nandkumar Ghule, staying at Manjri(Bk), was suffering from varicose veins.

My veins on the back of the thighs and legs were looking very Blue and increased in size. They were visible for last 2-3 yrs but it started to pain a lot since last month, June 2015. So I went to my local family doctor and he suggested to go to Dr.Ranjit Vhora for Homoeopathic treatment.

Dr. Ranjit Vhora did my check up and asked me about my complaints for about half an hour and lot of history which is required for Homoeopathic treatment.

With 3 week's of his treatment, my pain is completely stopped and the veins are no longer looking bluish and the swelling of veins is also reduced a little.

I am still under his treatment. I thank Dr. Ranjit Vhora for this.
Nandkumar Ghule

Nandkumar Ghule

I am Amit L Prusty. I am from Banglore & I was residing at Hadapsar, Pune, some 2-3 years back & was in search of job.

I had backache and high blood pressure for a prolonged period of time and was under some medication, but it didn't get a satisfactory recovery. It was a wonderful thing to find Dr. Ranjit Vhora.

I planned to meet Dr.Ranjit Vhora and took an appointment for the next day, he diagnosed me and advised the diet, lifestyle changes and Homeopathy remedies.

When I returned a week later my blood pressure had dropped and a little bit better feeling about backache. As per his advice I continued his medicine for few months and gradually reduced my medication, to eliminate it completely.

I am now not taking any medication that I was on and my blood pressure remains under control & stable which is like a miracle for me.

Dr. Ranjit Vhora is not only a knowledgeable in Homeopathy but also a doctor who could understand a mainstream diagnosis and then treat his patients with remedies which didn't come with all the side effects like other medications. I have watched him when waiting outside his chamber, he always put remedies to be individualized to fit the patient.

I have such confidence in Dr. Ranjit Vhora that I can recommend others those who have persistent health issues. This shows whole hearted dedication of your good self and I do

salute you, Sir.
Amit L Prusty

Amit L Prusty

Hi I am Kalpesh Vichare, I was suffering from Diabetes.

Before reaching to Dr. Ranjit Vhora's clinic, I had been to several Allopathy specialists and various medicines. I was really worried as I wasn't able to focus on any work, it was affecting my professional as well as personal life too.

Then my family suggested to go by Homeopathy medicine and i found Dr. Ranjit Vhora in Hadapsar as a Homeopathy specialist. I met him last year around Month of June 2014. When I started his treatment, he asked me more about myself, my lifestyle, my problems.

I appreciate Dr.Ranjit Vhora for his intuitive ability of diagnosis, zeal, enthusiasm to cure patients of their diseased condition. It is very nice to see such a genuine Homeopathic Service being given by him. And now after this treatment my diabetes is under control. Not only diabetes, my other health issues also covered in this treatment.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Dr Ranjit Vhora for his dedication to Homeopathy and feel really lucky to meet a Homeopath like him. I am obliged to his treatment and wish him all prosperity and long life.

Thanks & Regards,
Kalpesh Vichare

Kalpesh Vichare

IT Business Analyst, Hadapsar
I have been taking homeopathy medicines for more than 10 yrs.and the results are so amazing that I don't remember taking any other kind of medicines or giving them to any of my family members. Dr. Ranjit Vhora has been our doctor(family doctor) for last 5 yrs. He has treated us all for issues ranging from common cold to vertigo. I was unable to sleep for more than 5 hours per night for many years. After taking medicine from Dr.Ranjit Vhora it is cured and now I sleep peacefully for whatever time I want to. I had a persistent problem of stomach ache after passing urine for more than 29 yrs. Had tried many different medications. Finally doctors came to conclusion it was my psychological issue, but with Dr. Ranjit Vhora's medicine I am completely relieved of the pain.
Mukulika Shaha

Mukulika Shaha

Director, Jyotichand Bhaichand Saraf, and Son's Pvt.Ltd., Hadapsar
I was facing the problem of severe headaches. The headache also added upto nausea, double vision, and final stage was vomiting. This headache was very frequent and sometimes would affect my work, client meetings.

I started taking treatment for the same from Dr. Ranjit Vhora.

He asked me details of my problem, we discussed for about an hour, he did not miss anything.

I used to take pain killers for my instant relief but that was temporary.

After taking Dr. Ranjit Vhora's medicines, for about 3 months, my problem was eradicated from its roots.

Today I am fully satisfied with Dr. Ranjit Vhora's treatment and medications.

Akshay Shah

Tilak Road, Pune
Its been almost 20 years since, i have started taking treatment for all small health complaints/problems.

Dr. Ranjit Vhora's diagnosis, his detail study about patient's problem, analysis, perfect medicine and its dosage has helped me conquer all my health problems.

The most terrifying problem I faced, was that of kidney stone and urine infection.

The pain I experienced was terrible, and there was no sign of recovery with heavy pain killers and injections. After taking Dr. Ranjit Vhora's medicines, later in just 30 minutes I was relieved.

Without any other medications or treatment I recovered from the problem.

I trust Dr. Ranjit Vhora for his treatment and medications.

Also the special part of homeopathic medicines is that , they don't have any side effects.

Ar. Pooja Shah

Tilak Road, Pune
I am Harsha Shamnani.

I was going through severe pain of pile and fissure. I came across a well educated Doctor in

Homeopathy, Dr.Ranjit Vhora, who understands psychology and physiology.

He used to hear out every small gesture with the eager to help me out.

He listens and observe every patient deeply which reflects his intention to cure the disease.  

With the treatment of Dr. Ranjit Vhora, it got cured very smoothly.

I would be very happy to recommend any patient to consult him.

Harsha Shamnani

I have been undergoing homeopathy treatment from Dr.Sangeeta Vhora for URTI/Asthma, Migraines and Sun Sensitivity. 

Over the years the treatment has helped to considerably reduce my respiratory infections and migraines. 

The trigger/root is identified and treatment given accordingly.  Gradually over the years I have experienced a lot of improvement in the interim gap of the attacks in respect of both the asthmatic episodes and the migraine attacks.

The reading of hypothyroidism have reduced significantly after your treatment, and contrary to all other docs from other fields, I have successfully been treated by homeopathy.  I have evidence toooo !

Thanks, Dr. Sangeeta Vhora.

Kavita Haware

My son Alvin  was suffering from persistent cough when he was 3 years old. We first tried allopathic medicines but could not get relief, the cough continued.

We tried homeopathy with Dr (Mrs.) Sangeeta Vhora.

She explained everything about the cough & doctor advised to complete a course of homeopathic tablets for six months.

After that Alvin never had any trouble of cough last couple of years even during monsoon and winters seasons also.

Even if  he gets cough it hardly lasts for two to three days .

Alvin is now 8 years old and we advise to try Only homeopathic medicines for kids although it's a longer process but cure is permanent.

Mrs. Alen

I was detected with Hyper Thyroidsim in 2009 and started homeopathy treatment from Dr. Sangeeta Vhora which I took regularly without any gaps and by 2010 my thyroid levels were at normal and till dated I have no problems.

An allopath had scared me saying that from Hyperthyroidsim I would go into Hypothyroidsim, but thanks to homeopathy & Dr. Sangeeta, no such thing has happened.

Mrs. N. K.

My name is Mrs.S.Radha and I am 30 years old and was suffering from recurrent vaginal infection and was on allopathic medicine for about 10 months.

The problem occurred almost every month and when consulted to my gynaecologist,  he prescribed allopathic medicine and asked me to apply the same medicine every time ..which was very irritating and discomfort.

I think cure is getting rid of the disease completely and recovering the body so I consulted Dr.Ranjit Vhora for the same.

After the proper history and perfect diagnosis by Dr. Ranjit Vhora , he gave me homeopathic medicine .

The homeopathic treatment given by Dr Ranjit vhora has cured my problem totally which I never thought of.

Excellence is the only word for Dr Ranjit Vhora.

Thanks a lot.

Mrs. S. Radha


I am patient of Dr. Ranjit Vhora since last 12 years.

First time I visited his clinic for my chronic sinus problem. I took his medicines for 3 months and after that till date I have never faced this problem again.

After that, I had taken his treatment for gynaecological problem and it was also cured.

Dr. Ranjit Vhora always gives moral support to his patients. This helps to reduce patient's mental stress.

He is a confident and experienced Homoeopathist. His treatment has benefited me and helped me to cure my health problems.

Mrs. Sonali Aniruddha Pendse

I am 39 years old and was suffering from high BP problem. I consulted many doctors in Mumbai and Pune and got lot of tests done for heart,kidney,thyroid etc.but result was negative.

The reason for high BP could not be known and was asked to have a tablet for life long....which was not effective also.

Then I turned to Homeopathy and met Dr Sangeeta Vhora who gave me a lot of good tips like eating less salt, regular exercise etc. along with her medicines to control my BP.

The medicine has really worked and I have really been able to overcome my BP problem as of now.

She also said that if medicines are working then I may even be able to leave them after a few months. I always believe in alternate medicine like Homeopathy to Allopathy because they don't have any side effects and cure the  disease from the root.

This experience has only increased my faith in Homeopathy and

Dr. Sangeeta Vhora who has always been there as a doctor friend and a guide.


Vaishali Goel

I had a PCOD problem for many years and all the time was taking allopathy tablets which had a lot of side effects. Then I shifted to Homeopathy and now with Dr. Sangeeta Vhora's  treatment, the problem has been resolved with no side effects whatsoever.

Homeopathy is very safe and has a sure cure.

Thanks to Homeopathy & Dr.Sangeeta Vhora.

Ms. V. K.

My Testimony on Dr Sangeeta Vhora's treatment:

From the age of 2 years, My elder daughter Evelyn D'Souza (12 years now) was diagnosed with childhood asthma and was hospitalized twice in a very critical condition. She had to be on a permanent inhaler at all times.

We were then recommended to Dr Sangeeta Vhora by our close friend.

Dr Sangeeta Vhora advised a continuous 2 years homeopathy treatment for my daughter and she is completely cured of  it now.

As a baby, my son Edwin DSouza had severe lactose intolerance and would develop rashes whenever he consumed too much milk. With Dr Sangeeta's homeopathy treatment, he is able to tolerate milk now but in smaller quantities. We are truly grateful to Dr Sangeeta Vhora for all her support and patience and will always recommend her to all our family members and friends.


Wendy Dsouza

अनुभव:- मला ४ वर्षांपूर्वी सोरायसिस झाला होता. त्यासाठी अनेक तज्ञ डॉक्टर यांचा सल्ला घेउन मी  एलोपथी आणि आयुर्वेदिक उपचार घेतले. औषधे घेत असे पर्यंत बरे वाटायचे  आणि औषधे बंद केली की पुन्हा त्रास सुरु होत असे. मग मला होमियोपैथी उपचार घेण्यासाठी डॉ. रणजीत व्होरा यांचे नाव सुचवण्यात  आले.

डॉ. रणजीत व्होरा यांना हडपसर येथे दाखवल्यानंतर त्यांनी दिलेली होमीओपथिक औषधे चालू केल्यावर ७०% फरक झाला व खुप बरे वाटू लागले.

 दीड वर्षांच्या उपचारानंतर आता कुठलाही त्रास होत नाही.

होमियोपैथी व्यतिरिक्त मी कुठलीही गोळी घेत नाही.

मला जसा फ़ायदा झाला तसा इतर रुग्ण यांना व्हावा म्हणून हा अभिप्राय लिहून देत आहे.

- सौ. रेश्मा अमित दोशी. बारामती.
Reshma Doshi

Reshma Doshi

I am Kirit Shah, an entrepreneur by profession.
I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis four years ago.
First I tried Ayurvedic medicine. But it didn't help.
So I discontinued that treatment. Even Allopathy also didn't help me.
Then I started taking Homeopathic treatment from Dr. Ranjit Vhora.
His medicine had worked wonders for me.
I was under his treatment for one year.
Now I am completely recovered from arthritis.

Now I can walk, run, swim, and can do every physical activity which I was unable to do for last four years. All credit goes to Dr. Ranjit Vhora. Hats off to his knowledge and his dedication towards his profession.
Kirit Shah

Kirit Shah

I am Kalyani.
I was suffering from Endometriosis ( Chocolate Cyst) from Aug 2012.
I went through two laparoscopies to remove bilateral ovarian cyst. However post to my delivery in Sep-Oct 2016 I again detected with the same problem.
I was literally frustrated with all these surgeries so I thought to go for Homeopathic Treatment this time.

I took Dr. Ranjit Vhora’s appointment in Nov-2016 and explained him all the history. That time my cyst size was around 4 X 6 cm. I continued his treatment for 3~4 months . When I had my sonography done in Mar-Apr-17 the cyst size was reduced drastically. I continued his treatment for almost a year and finally there was no cyst. I was so happy and felt relaxed.

Dr. Ranjit Vhora’s treatment worked extremely well.

I am still continuing his treatment to get rid of other health issues and do regular sonography and its almost more than 1.5 years I have not diagnosed with any cyst again.

I am fully satisfied with his treatment.


I was suffering from kidney stone problem.
25th August 2015 was the day for the first time I had severe pain and came to know its kidney stone. I started my treatment with Dr.Ranjit Vhora.

The treatment was very effective. I kept on taking the medicines as per his guidance.
He explained the things very well & in a simple way which was easy to understand.
As a Dr. I found him very knowledgeable in his field.

As a human being I found him very friendly & down to earth person.
Very few people know that he is a good photographer, too!
Shardul Shah

Shardul Shah

I was suffering from migraine for almost 7-8 years.
I tried various types of medication to get without results.

I started Homoeopathy treatment with Dr. Ranjit Vhora 3 months back.
Miraculously his medicine has given me relief to a very large extent.

I can surely say that I am 90% relieved in a short span of about 3 months.
Apart from this my other complaints like hair fall, brittle nails, bone cracking, restlessness in sleep and otherwise has also been well taken care of.

All in all I can say that I made a right decision to take his consultation/medication.
Rayshama Boralkar

Rayshama Boralkar

I am 43 years old & teacher by profession.
From last 11 years I was suffering from Pulmonary Aspergillosis, a kind of fungal infection in lungs due to which I was in very bad health.

In 2009, my condition worsened & at that time I used to get severe asthmatic attacks & there was a fluid collection in my lungs for which my allopathic doctors gave me Tuberculosis medicines for 9 months.

In 2013, somebody suggested me to go for Homoeopathic treatment & at that time I started Homoeopathic treatment with Dr.Ranjit Vhora & within 6 months, I got complete relief in my asthma symptoms & my other health problems.> At present, I am enjoying my relaxed life & the credit goes only to Dr.Ranjit Vhora.
Mrs.Geeta Lohire

Mrs. Geeta Lohire

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* For new patients, please take an appointment at least 2-3 days in advance by giving a PHONE CALL to us.

Case Studies

View some of our successful cases here

Results of treatment may vary from patient to patient

Case No. 1

Case of Dental Cyst

Treated by Dr. Ranjit Vhora

A male patient, age 47, himself a doctor, went to a dentist for his routine checkup though he had no
complaints at all except little purulent discharge occasionally from his gums & according to dentist he
couldn’t find anything on examination so dentist did his OPG or OrthoPantomoGram (a kind of dental
x-ray) and it was revealed a huge cyst in the lower portion of his mandible on the left side. Then he
was referred to an orthodontist and the biopsy was done and it revealed that he has – Infected
keratocystic tumor.

(First two x – rays – Image No.1 & 2 are before starting of Homoeopathy treatment)
According to orthodontists, there is currently no effective treatment for it & surgical excision to
remove the whole cyst lining is the only choice & still, according to them, is difficult to cure. (source –
So, this orthodontist only made a small opening in the cyst area and irrigated the lesion and advised
the patient to do so on regular basis.
At this time, this patient came to me.
After going through his case history and by going through his x-rays, I started Homoeopathic medicines
a year back & the results are astonishing.
Within few days of his Homoeopathy treatment, his pus discharge completely stopped & gradually,
his cyst size reduced & the new normal bone formation was clearly visible in his repeated x-rays.

After almost a year with Homoeopathy treatment, it clearly shows very much improvement – the cyst
reduced very much in it’s extent and the normal bone formation is clearly visible.
The first two x-rays are before the treatment and the third one is after 1 year’s of Homoeopathy

Case No. 2


Treated by Dr. Sangeeta Vhora

Mrs. N, age – 39, consulted for a rash all over the body since 2 weeks, dark-oval patches, Dry, burning, now reddish & coalescing with each other – covering whole of trunk, thighs, neck & arms & little on face too. Generalized peeling off of the skin, cracks at the corners of all the folds. Also, few moist patches at folds. She also complained of chilliness usually around 6 am & if she goes in balcony or if she drinks cold water. Little dry cough is also there.

She received – Mezereum 200, in in-frequent doses to be repeated only when needed.

Follow-up after 4 days – her trunk rash is reduced by more than 50%, face & neck reduced almost 90%, but the rash on extremities was increased.

Follow-up after 1 wk – all rashes reduced considerably, almost no complaints at all.

Follow-up after 2 wks – No rash visible at all anywhere on the body & no itching at all. Feeling very much better.

Case No. 3

Case of Hypothyroidism

Treated by Dr. Sangeeta Vhora

Mrs. B, 36 years of age, consulted in mid 2011, for her severe constipation – was not able to pass stool for 4 days in a week, but without any discomfort! She also complained of feeling too much cold – chilly. Used to faint with nausea when saw a needle with drops of blood at pathology laboratory. Weight gain.

Her investigations reports showed – T3 – 68.5 (Normal range – 60-181); T4 – 0.8 (Normal range – 4.5-12) & TSH – > 150 (Normal range – 0.35-5.50).

During interview, she reported Feels “Stuck”. Tension at home & in office. As if walls of tension from all sides, no hole in that at all. Feeling “Caught” in life, no consolation or ray of hope or relief from anywhere. Suddenly I feel everything is “too tight”.

I get dreams – as if stabbed by a HUGE long sword or knife. Intense phobia of needles, injections – I almost faint. She is claustrophobic – if bus gets crowded, I just get down from the bus, feels suffocated & imagines that bus will topple on her.

While describing her fear of needles in pathology laboratory, she showed with gestures – “IT WAS SO BIG”, & she almost pointing to her full arm.

She received a medicine named Cannabis Indica 1M & repeated as needed with repetition & in increasing potency or strength of the medicine as required.

After 1 year’s treatment – her investigations – T3 – 149.6 (N – 60-181), T4 – 7.3 (N – 4.5-12.6) & TSH – 13.03 (N – 0.35-5.50).

After 3 years – ultra TSH – 8.08(N – 0.3-6.02) & after 4 years her TSH, was – 4.17 (N – 0.35-5.50)

Case No. 4

Bronchial asthma & allergic rhinitis of 8 years

Treated by Dr. Sangeeta Vhora

Mrs.S, age 29, consulted on 16/12/2001for severe asthmatic attacks with coryza & sneezing which was always worse indoors & rainy weather & was relieved a little when she remained in open air.

In the interview, she mentioned about her nagging mother – always forcing her views on patient so much so that patient was unable to bear her continuous nagging & forcing, BUT at the same time she couldn’t stay without her mother.

Mother never appreciated her or showed any affection towards the patient.

The first attack of asthma was triggered by mother’s continuous lecturing about patient’s love affair…

Gradually patient got a feeling that – I have to fear my mother as she is dominating & can insult me in front of anybody & she tortures me, BUT at the same time, I need my mother!!

Patient also had fear of injections, needles & lizards.

Calcarea Mur 1M was prescribed in in-frequent doses.

After this medicine, her frequency of asthmatic attacks was reduced by 50% in first 3 moths & now in 2015, in these 14 years, there was not a single asthmatic attack.

Case No. 5

Case of Asthma

Treated by Dr. Ranjit Vhora

A young girl, aged around 17 years was referred to me by an allopathic physician for her asthmatic complaints. Her response to allopathic medicines was temporary.

In her interview, when I asked her what triggers her asthma & how it did start – she told – “we are from poor family. We live in 2 rooms – in one room, me & my parents stay & in the adjoining room, my uncle stays. My uncle is an aged man & he is also old asthmatic & bronchitis patient.

I got my 1st attack – when at one night, I got up from a sound of my uncle’s coughing in the next room – his cough sound was so strong that we all got up from sleep. He was continually coughing & trying to spit out & at THAT MOMENT, I got a strong feeling – as if I will also get the similar kind of coughing & IN ACTUALITY, I started getting bouts of cough & started to feel difficulty in breathing. In a moment, my breathing difficulty was so strong that I started to feel as if my chest is compressed & there was no room in my chest to take a breath! I started struggling to take breath & wheezing sounds started from my chest with my every struggle to breath. Eventually, I was taken to hospital & they diagnosed it as asthma & started the treatment.

Since then, I started to get asthmatic attacks off & on & most of the times – these attacks were triggered if I see or hear someone loudly coughing & spitting.

She received the medicine – Phosphorus 1M to be repeated if required. With 1 week’s treatment – she described feeling much better.

In next 6 months, she got hardly 3 or 4 asthmatic attacks but in least intensity & there was no need to take allopathic medicines at all & they subsided after repetition of the Homeopathic medicine.

After 1 year, she didn’t get any further attack of asthma.

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